In fifth grade I downloaded a video editing app on my iPod touch and edited all night. A high school diploma and bachelor's degree later I still have not stopped producing content.
Post-production in particular had always been my greatest passion. Something about creating a coherent story with people's experiences calls out to me.
Then I was hired and brought across the country to work as a videographer for Sweetwater. Here, I found my love for directing as I stepped up to fill that role when our 700k subscriber channel needed it most. I've learned I'll find inspiration in any part of the full production process, as long as I have the opportunities to work hard and freedom to be creative.
Catching up to today I am the producer for a national company where all video content is on me to draft up, schedule out, film, edit, and polish. What comes next is a mystery to me, but might not be a mystery to you!
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